2021 License Renewal

The 2021 license renewal season will begin on or after April 19, 2021. Board licensees will be notified via email when it commences.

To ensure that you receive the emailed renewal notice, please login through the “Current Licensee Portal” on the Board’s website, under Popular Links, and confirm that your contact information is up to date. You must login to the portal using the email address of record on file with the Board. If you have difficulty logging in to the Current Licensee Portal, please call the Board office for assistance.

Alternatively, you may update your email address by completing and submitting to the Board a change of address form, found on the Board’s website at: http://medboard.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/medboardnvgov/content/Forms/AddressChange.pdf. Please use your personal email address (not a shared email address through your office or a credentialing company, as an email address may only be used by one user on the system). Once your email address has been updated, you will be able to login through the Current Licensee Portal to view your licensure information.