Statutes and Regulations

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)

Regulations Adopted, but Not Yet Incorporated Into the Nevada Administrative Code

     R069-23 - Relating to health care; prescribing requirements governing the issuance, renewal or change of status of a license as an anesthesiologist assistant; authorizing a student in a training program for anesthesiologist assistants to engage in certain supervised activity; prescribing requirements governing the practice and supervision of anesthesiologist assistants; setting forth grounds for disciplinary action against an anesthesiologist assistant; establishing certain procedures for the imposition of such disciplinary action; authorizing the Board of Medical Examiners to order the examination of an anesthesiologist assistant under certain circumstances; providing for the automatic suspension of the license of an anesthesiologist assistant under certain circumstances; authorizing an anesthesiologist assistant or a physician assistant whose practice has been limited or whose license has been suspended to petition for the removal of the limitation or suspension; providing for the appointment of an advisory committee concerning anesthesiologist assistants; prohibiting a physician from failing to adequately supervise an anesthesiologist assistant; providing for the confidentiality of certain information relating to an anesthesiologist assistant; and providing other matters properly relating thereto 

    •  Effective 04-19-24  

       R002-23  - Relating to medical professionals; requiring an applicant for licensure by endorsement as a physician assistant to hold certain certification; adopting a code of ethics for perfusionists; revising certain standards of practice for physicians, physician assistants, perfusionists and practitioners of respiratory care; providing for the automatic suspension of the license of a perfusionist under certain circumstances; and providing other matters properly relating thereto 

      •  Effective 11-09-23

         R189-22 - Relating to medicine; providing for the delivery of a letter of warning, a letter of concern or a nonpunitive admonishment to each supervising physician of a physician assistant; requiring an application for certain biennial registration to be accompanied by certain documents; and providing other matters properly relating thereto 

        •  Effective 11-09-23

           R177-22 - Relating to health care; establishing requirements for a physician or physician assistant to supervise an advanced esthetician who is performing a nonablative esthetic medical procedure; establishing requirements governing the procedure of an investigative committee designated by the Board of Medical Examiners; revising requirements governing licensure as a physician or physician assistant; establishing discounted fees for certain persons to whom an initial license as a practitioner of respiratory care or perfusionist is issued 

          •  Effective 06-02-23

             T006-22 - Relating to physicians licensed pursuant to NRS 629A; information required for biennial registration pursuant to NRS 630.267(1)(c) 

            •  Effective 04-11-23

              R118-21 - Relating to medical professions; providing for the placement of a license to practice medicine, perfusion or respiratory care on retired status; revising the definition of “gross medical negligence” for certain purposes; revising the procedure for the voluntary surrender of a license to practice medicine, perfusion or respiratory care; amending various provisions relating to disciplinary proceedings against certain medical professionals; revising the qualifications for licensure as a physician assistant; revising provisions governing certain advisory committees; repealing obsolete language

              •   Effective 06-02-23

                R171-20 - Relating to medicine; revising provisions relating to an application for a license to practice medicine; removing certain requirements relating to an applicant or licensee who is not a citizen of the United States; prescribing the contents of certain notices concerning health care records; prescribing a procedure for the reinstatement of a license that has been revoked by the Board of Medical Examiners; revising provisions governing disciplinary hearings before the Board; expanding the definition of “malpractice”; requiring a physician assistant to seek consultation with another provider of health care in certain doubtful or difficult cases; requiring the Board to keep confidential certain consent or settlement agreements; revising provisions relating to the supervision of a physician assistant by a supervising physician

                •  Effective 06-02-23