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License Specialist Availability

The Board's License Specialists are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, to handle inquiries regarding applications for licensure.

    Call a License Specialist

    Should your last name begin with the letter(s) You will be assigned to: 
    A, B or O Nancy Padilla, License Specialist
    C through E Stacey McCleery, License Specialist
    I or Jj through Jz, X, Y or Z Lynnette Daniels, Chief of Licensing
    Ja through Ji, T, U or V Curtis Worden, Deputy Chief of Licensing
    H, M or W Kristin Santos, License Specialist
    K or S Alexandra Hayworth, License Specialist
    F, G, L or N
    Kristi Stewart, Senior License Specialist
    P through R Please call 775-324-9361

      NON-U.S. CITIZENS ONLY: If you are currently licensed to practice medicine in Nevada, but are a non-U.S. citizen

      Senior License Specialist Brandi Harris, Phone: 775-324-9356, will handle your application file with respect to any changes in your immigration status.