Statutes and Regulations

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)

Regulations Adopted, but not yet Incorporated into the Nevada Administrative Code

    R163-16 - Relating to continuing medical education; revising provisions relating to credits received by holders of a license to practice medicine and physician assistants for continuing medical education relating to misuse and abuse of controlled substances

    •  Effective 08/30/18


      R145-18 - Relating to controlled substances; providing that the Board of Medical Examiners will impose disciplinary action for certain violations relating to prescribing controlled substances

      •  Effective 06/26/19


        R008-17 - Relating to health care; revising provisions relating to certain publications adopted by the Board of Medical Examiners by reference; revising provisions governing certain conduct a physician or physician assistant is prohibited from engaging in; repealing certain provisions which authorize the prescription of appetite suppressants

        •  Effective 08/21/19