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Should you desire information in addition to what is provided on this website concerning a Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, Practitioner of Respiratory Care or Perfusionist licensed by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, please call the office of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners at 775-688-2559 or 888-890-8210 (toll-free from within the state of Nevada) and press 0.

In order to practice clinical medicine in Nevada, a Medical Doctor must be licensed by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. In addition, physicians may also be board certified. Board certification demonstrates that the physician has met the requirements of a particular board for that particular specialty; this involves successfully completing a specific amount of training and passing an examination. Members of the public should keep in mind that physicians who are not board certified may be as well qualified as those who are. A Medical Doctor's board certification or recertification may or may not be included in his or her education and training information on this website. Additionally, the Board of Medical Examiners cannot verify the currency of such information, as Medical Doctors are not always required to advise the Board concerning board certification as a requirement of licensure. Therefore, should you wish to know the current board certification status of a Medical Doctor, please call the American Board of Medical Specialties at 866-275-2267 (toll free).

If you are searching for a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), please call the Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine at 702-732-2147, or use this link to access the Licensee Verification page on their website: Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

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