Board Staff

Executive Staff/Administrative Staff

  • Edward O. Cousineau, J.D., Executive Director
  • Sarah A. Bradley, J.D., MBA, Deputy Executive Director
  • Donya Jenkins, Finance Manager
  • Laurie L. Munson, Chief of Administration and Information Systems
  • Julie M. Espinoza, Credentialing and Consumer Assistance Specialist

Legal Staff

  • Robert Kilroy, J.D., General Counsel
  • Aaron Bart Fricke, J.D., Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • Donald K. White, J.D., Deputy General Counsel
  • Dawn DeHaven Gordillo, Legal Assistant
  • Sheri L. Quigley, Legal Assistant


  • George J. Tuioti, Deputy Chief of Investigations, Las Vegas office
  • Don Andreas, CMBI, Senior Investigator, Las Vegas office
  • Trent S. Hiett, CMBI, Senior Investigator
  • Monica C. Gustafson, CMBI, Senior Investigator
  • Kim Friedman, CMBI, Senior Investigator, Las Vegas office
  • Johnna S. LaRue, CMBI, Senior Investigator
  • Libi Anders, Investigator
  • Samantha M. Hendricks, Investigator
  • Norma Perkins, Administrative Assistant
  • Debra A. Foster, Administrative Assistant, Las Vegas Office


  • Lynnette L. Daniels, Chief of Licensing
  • Curtis Worden, Deputy Chief of Licensing
  • Brandi M. Harris, Senior License Specialist
  • Alexandra D. Lucas, License Specialist
  • Kristin Santos, License Specialist
  • Brenda Goodwin, License Specialist
  • Tara Bailey, License Specialist
  • Kristin Penley, License Specialist
  • Christina Hall, License Specialist
  • Brenda Riviera, License Specialist
  • Jami Land, Licensing Administrative Assistant